vcmcemtex: Cemtex File Generator

Cemtext file format is a format used by banks to allow for batch transactions. Some bank have adopted this format by default, but each others can have a different format style. This module allows you to create a cemtext format by your own style—that means you can use it to meet your bank cemtext requirements. This module is fast, easy to understand, and more humanable.

vcmloop: an Effective Loop Mechanism For Massive Data

Doing simple looping basicly doesn’t have big impact to your RAM/CPU resource, but, it will if you performing heavy looping with massive data, for example 100k data or > 1m data. Default looping method like `for`, `while`, `foreach` runs faster (has better performance), but also takes and spent more RAM/CPU resource continously along with the looping process—if you own more resource, I think it’s not a big problem. Otherwise, using interval method doesn’t harm RAM/CPU resource too much. It just uses a little bit of it and keeping the resource stable until the process is done. As a consequence, it runs slower than the default method—but still fast.

vcmpad: a String Padding Generator

String padding generator with custom Left/Right-Padding style. It allows you to generate string padding format such as LPS (Left Padding Space), LPZ (Left Padding Zero), RPS (Right Padding Space), and RPZ (Right Padding Zero)—or even you can create your own custom format.