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Written by Dali Kewara who lives and works as Backend Developer—building useful and unexpected things—in Indonesia. Interested in #art, #writing, and #journey. His life motto is "Make it simple but Spectacular!".


He's joining deep learning research team.

He's writing papers from his research about toxic speech detection.

He's creating AyaPingPing v3 and will make it has first public release. Initial release at here.

Sometimes he create username named harukii_kun and,

Code in NodeJS, Python and PHP Focusing on Backend Play DOTA 2 turbo mode (have fun only) & STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town Available on LinkedIn...

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What Happend to My First PHP Framework?

confusingPhoto by Bounce on Giphy

It has been long time since I published my first PHP framework Janggelan on GitHub. The framework was built from scratch with a core system structure inspired by Laravel and designed based on MVC concept. The goal is basicly have the framework easy to use …

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pangsitpy (Python), My Starter Pack Framework In Deep Learning

Check out pangsitpy's latest documentation at


Pangsit(py) is my starter pack framework represented in Python to deal with learning computing such as Machine/Deep Learning, Data Science, etc.

I'll create a documentation for this later.


  • Python >=3.6 (tested on …

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vcmcemtex, Deal With Banks Transaction File Format

Check out vcmcemtex's latest documentation at

npm package


An universal & customable cemtext generator for batch transactions

Cemtext file format is a format used by banks to allow for batch transactions. Some bank have adopted this format by default, but each others can have a different format …

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vcmloop, Loop Massive Data With No Worry

Check out vcmloop's latest documentation at

npm package


An interval-based looping method for massive data

Doing simple looping basicly doesn't have big impact to your RAM/CPU resource, but, it will if you performing heavy looping with massive data, for example 100k data or > 1m data …

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vcmpad, a String Padding Generator

Check out vcmpad's latest documentation at

npm package


Fast, lightweight, and customable string padding generator

String padding generator with custom Left/Right-Padding style. It allows you to generate string padding format such as LPS (Left Padding Space), LPZ (Left Padding Zero), RPS (Right Padding Space), and …

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