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Envidock is a general local environment services setup using the power of Docker.


Clone the repo at, then use the docker-compose.yml or use the Makefile.


  • Docker (>=20.10.5)

Features & Specifications

  • Docker compose (3.9)
  • MySQL (latest)
  • Mongo (latest)
  • Postgres (latest)
  • Redis (latest)
  • RabbitMQ (management). Latest RabbitMQ image with the management plugin enabled.


If you want to change the versions, change it in docker-compose.yml file.

Environment variables

The setup requires environment variables listed in .env. You can change the values according to your needs. For production use, you may not using .env file, but setting all the required variables in different way manually into the system instead.

Docker compose

The docker-compose.yml file provides standart way to run the environment services on Docker. You're free to customize it.

Makefile is your friend

You can run make or make info to show information and print out available commands, just like the same as outputted bellow:


build                Build all environment services
destroy              Destroy all environment services. This will also clear all volumes & data
up                   Create & run all environment services
down                 Remove all environment services, but leave all volumes & data untouched
stop                 Stop all environment services
start                Start all environment services
restart              Restart all environment services
clear-mongo          Clear Mongo volume & data
clear-mysql          Clear MySQL volume & data
clear-postgres       Clear Postgres volume & data
clear-redis          Clear Redis volume & data
clear-rabbitmq       Clear RabbitMQ volume & data


on : Affect only to specified service on commands: `build`, `up`, `stop`, `start` & `restart`
     Example: `make build on=mysql` will build & run only MySQL environment service


If you're using non Linux/Unix-like system (Windows, etc), please find it the way by yourself. If you're using Windows, you may use WSL.


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