vcmrefunc: This is How To Repeat a Process Correctly

This module helps you to repeat a process again after it completely executed. You can specify a condition to stop the repetition immediately by giving a command `repeat(false)` inside the `repeat_function`. Also, there is an option to pass a callback that will be executed after the repetition is finished.

What Happend to My First PHP Framework?

It has been long time since I published my first PHP framework `Janggelan` on GitHub. The framework was built from scratch with a core system structure inspired by Laravel and designed based on MVC concept. The goal is basicly have the framework easy to use without reducing its performance.

vcmcemtex: Cemtex File Generator

Cemtext file format is a format used by banks to allow for batch transactions. Some bank have adopted this format by default, but each others can have a different format style. This module allows you to create a cemtext format by your own style—that means you can use it to meet your bank cemtext requirements. This module is fast, easy to understand, and more humanable.

vcmloop: an Effective Loop Mechanism For Massive Data

Doing simple looping basicly doesn’t have big impact to your RAM/CPU resource, but, it will if you performing heavy looping with massive data, for example 100k data or > 1m data. Default looping method like `for`, `while`, `foreach` runs faster (has better performance), but also takes and spent more RAM/CPU resource continously along with the looping process—if you own more resource, I think it’s not a big problem. Otherwise, using interval method doesn’t harm RAM/CPU resource too much. It just uses a little bit of it and keeping the resource stable until the process is done. As a consequence, it runs slower than the default method—but still fast.