Envidock, Buat Yang Malas Setting2 Environment Services

Envidock example

Buat yang malas setting2 environment services (kaya saya), seperti RabbitMQ, Redis, dll, boleh deh cobain clone envidock -> https://github.com/dalikewara/envidock. Ada Makefile nya, enak tinggal pakek. Jangan lupa pasang Docker dulu. Buat pengguna Windows, saya sarankan cari cara supaya bisa jalanin Makefile—saya biasanya pakek WSL. Kalau ga bisa ya, jalanin aja manual docker-compose.yml nya. Service2 yang…

vcmrefunc: This is How To Repeat a Process Correctly

This module helps you to repeat a process again after it completely executed. You can specify a condition to stop the repetition immediately by giving a command `repeat(false)` inside the `repeat_function`. Also, there is an option to pass a callback that will be executed after the repetition is finished.

What Happend to My First PHP Framework?

It has been long time since I published my first PHP framework `Janggelan` on GitHub. The framework was built from scratch with a core system structure inspired by Laravel and designed based on MVC concept. The goal is basicly have the framework easy to use without reducing its performance.

vcmcemtex: Cemtex File Generator

Cemtext file format is a format used by banks to allow for batch transactions. Some bank have adopted this format by default, but each others can have a different format style. This module allows you to create a cemtext format by your own style—that means you can use it to meet your bank cemtext requirements. This module is fast, easy to understand, and more humanable.