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What Happend to My First PHP Framework?

Written by Dali Kewara who lives and works as Backend Developer—building useful and unexpected things—in Indonesia. Interested in #art, #writing, and #journey. His life motto is "Make it simple but Spectacular!".

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It has been long time since I published my first PHP framework Janggelan on GitHub. The framework was built from scratch with a core system structure inspired by Laravel and designed based on MVC concept. The goal is basicly have the framework easy to use without reducing its performance.

As simple as making route like this:

$this->request('POST /print-hello-world @Hello::world');

janggelan gives a quick access to controller and its methods. Route /print-hello-world on the example above will run the world method in the Hello controller.

Every framework comes with security mechanism built through inside of it. janggelan also provides it by giving protecting rule system to protect pages, views and urls.

<?php return [

    // FALSE means, system will uses SESSION to store protected_rule data. Set it TRUE
    // if you want to store the data in COOKIE.
    'use_cookie' => FALSE,

    'protected_rule' => [

        // Creating 'Protected Rule' with name 'login'.
        // If the data is not valid, then redirect to Controller 'Example'
        // method 'protected.'
        'login' => [
            'on_false' => [
                'controller' => 'Example',
                'method' => 'protected'

        // Creating 'Protected Rule' with name 'protect'.
        // If the data is not valid, then redirect to View 'example'.
        'protect' => [
            'on_false' => [
                'view' => 'example',

        // Creating 'Protected Rule' with name 'myRule'.
        // If the data is not valid, then redirect to uri '/wrong'.
        'myRule' => [
            'on_false' => '/wrong'


So, is Janggelan still active?

I learned some new programming languages after I committed last update to Janggelan's repository, and I didn't make any activites later on it until nowadays—or even in the future because maybe I'll not continue this project.

I love Janggelan so much for sure. But saddest, I don't see the reason why I have to continue Janggelan's development and make it to be part of future web programming. So, yes... Janggelan is discontinued for now.

You can check janggelan's documentation at

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