Hello there, I'm Dali Kewara, a guy who lives and works as a Backend Developer in Indonesia—building useful and unexpected things, and trying to make positive impacts for people. I love to code and draw my own world—also have interest in art, writing and journey. I'm on an unexpected journey and gonna make it simple but spectacular!

What am I doing in real life? I've been working as a Software Engineer (Backend) for living since 2016—at least for these companies: Vascomm (2016-2021), RCTI+ (2022), Warung Pintar (2023) and Renos (current). After working hours, sometimes I enjoy myself by watching solo bushcraft contents on YouTube, listening Yorushika on Spotify, playing The Legend of Zelda and Monster Hunter on My Nintendo Switch—I play Dota 2 too—and also traveling.

I believe that helping people is the one of many important things to do as a human, so that's why sometimes I created packages and hoping they can be useful—here are the latest:

strgo is a helper to validate a string based on a format specification that you set before. You can use this package to validate some common string case like username, name, password, email, etc.

pgxpoolgo is based on pgxpool, but provides Pool interface and ability to mock the pgxpool connection for unit testing.

errgo provides custom interface for error errgo.ErrGo with code and message as a standard.

rflgo composes new value into destination type based on the source data value. It will reflects all values from the source, but keeps the structure, types and the properties of the destination.

cmtxgo generates cemtext format in Golang. Cemtext file format is a format used by banks to allow for batch transactions.

AyaPingPing (Go) generates standard project structure for building applications in Golang that follow Clean Architecture and Domain-Driven Design concept.

Want to know me more?

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