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I Make My MacBook Look Aesthetic

Sun 24 May 2020 1 min(s)

I was looking for great wallpapers for my MacBook and I found this one -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5gigQrSz-o

Now I can make my MacBook look aesthetic. This is my own creation:



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"Modular Oriented" And Why We Should Doing This

Fri 22 May 2020 8 min(s)

search-modularPhoto by Simon Goetz on Unsplash

Saya menulis tentang modular oriented ini adalah karena keresahan atas masalah yang sering saya alami dulu, yaitu tentang efisiensi dalam sebuah development sistem / aplikasi.

Di dalam sebuah tim, kita mungkin memakai framework sebagai standart sistem, dan itu pasti akan sangat membantu sekali. Akan tetapi …

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vcmrefunc, This Is How To Repeat A Process Correctly

Sat 02 May 2020 2 min(s)

repeatedPhoto taken from Giphy

Check out vcmrefunc's latest documentation at https://github.com/dalikewara/vcmrefunc

npm package


The right way to repeat a process

This module helps you to repeat a process again after it completely executed. You can specify a condition to stop the repetition immediately by giving a command …

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What Happend to My First PHP Framework?

Fri 01 May 2020 2 min(s)

confusingPhoto by Bounce on Giphy

It has been long time since I published my first PHP framework Janggelan on GitHub. The framework was built from scratch with a core system structure inspired by Laravel and designed based on MVC concept. The goal is basicly have the framework easy to use …

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pangsitpy (Python), My Starter Pack Framework In Deep Learning

Wed 29 April 2020 1 min(s)

Check out pangsitpy's latest documentation at https://github.com/dalikewara/pangsitpy


Pangsit(py) is my starter pack framework represented in Python to deal with learning computing such as Machine/Deep Learning, Data Science, etc.

I'll create a documentation for this later.


  • Python >=3.6 (tested on …

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vcmcemtex, Deal With Banks Transaction File Format

Wed 29 April 2020 4 min(s)

Check out vcmcemtex's latest documentation at https://github.com/dalikewara/vcmcemtex

npm package


An universal & customable cemtext generator for batch transactions

Cemtext file format is a format used by banks to allow for batch transactions. Some bank have adopted this format by default, but each others can have a different format …

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vcmloop, Loop Massive Data With No Worry

Wed 29 April 2020 2 min(s)

Check out vcmloop's latest documentation at https://github.com/dalikewara/vcmloop

npm package


An interval-based looping method for massive data

Doing simple looping basicly doesn't have big impact to your RAM/CPU resource, but, it will if you performing heavy looping with massive data, for example 100k data or > 1m data …

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vcmpad, a String Padding Generator

Wed 29 April 2020 2 min(s)

Check out vcmpad's latest documentation at https://github.com/dalikewara/vcmpad

npm package


Fast, lightweight, and customable string padding generator

String padding generator with custom Left/Right-Padding style. It allows you to generate string padding format such as LPS (Left Padding Space), LPZ (Left Padding Zero), RPS (Right Padding Space), and …

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