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Welcome to an official website owned by Dali Kewara, a guy who lives and works as backend logo Backend Developer—building useful and unexpected things—in indonesia logo Indonesia. He also has interests in art, writing and journey (traveling), and his life motto is: "Make it simple but Spectacular!".

What does he do?

Currently, he works at rctiplus logo as a Software Engineer in Jakarta and focuses in back-end development. Previously, he was worked as a Back-End Developer at vascomm logo in Sidoarjo for at least 4 years.

After working hours, he's sometimes relaxing himself by watching solo bushcraft contents on YouTube, listening to Yorushika on Spotify, playing Dota 2, traveling, or creating commercial & open source projects to help people solve their problems.

Tech overview

As a Software Engineer, he used to work using following technologies:

LanguagesDatabasesMessage ChannelsAPIEvent-DrivenOthers
Python MySQL RabbitMQ REST Celery Docker
Golang Mongo gRPC Elasticsearch (APM)
JavaScript (NodeJS) Redis GraphQL Git


The check icon color indicates how often he uses that technology at the current moment. means very often, otherwise is .

JetBrains products

He uses GoLand, PyCharm, WebStorm, PhpStorm, and DataGrip—damn he really loves JetBrains products so much!!! 🔥


In localhost, he uses Docker for most environment services such as databases, message channels, etc. He likes to manage them in a single docker-compose.yml file or just wrapped all in a Makefile.


You can see envidock for more details.

What you can found here?

As you can see in navigation menu on the left, there are sections that contain all contents in this website. You can use search feature to find them quickly.


Section to place blog articles. There is no specified category here, but mostly articles are about his thoughts.


Section to place documentation of his open-sourced projects—basically the most important part. This is the main reason why he forms his website like a documentation page, because he wants to serve all of his open-sourced project documentation just in a single site.


This website is available on GitHub at 🚀


Installation & serving MkDocs:

pip install mkdocs mkdocs-material mkdocs-minify-plugin
mkdocs serve
or using Makefile file in the repository:
make install && make serve


You can follow him on GitHub, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. For professional purpose, don't hesitate to email him at dalikewara[at] , and also don't forget to connect to his LinkedIn.

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