I love creating projects that can help people solve their problems,

cmtxgo # cmtxgo generates cemtext format in Golang. Cemtext file format is a format used by banks to allow for batch transactions. Go to repo

ayapingping-go # AyaPingPing (Go) generates standard project structure for building applications in Golang that follow Clean Architecture and Domain-Driven Design concept. Go to repo

envidock # Envidock is a general local environment services setup using the power of Docker. Go to repo

ayapingping-js # A starter pack framework in NodeJS for building REST API applications. Go to repo

pangsitpy # Pangsit (py) is my starter pack framework represented in Python to deal with learning computing such as Machine/Deep Learning, Data Science, etc. Go to repo

rctiplus-rabbitmq-python-sdk # A library from RCTI+ to handle RabbitMQ tasks (connect, send, receive, etc) in Python. Go to repo

vcmrefunc # The right way to repeat a process. Go to repo

vcmcemtex # Universal & customable cemtex generator for batch transactions. Go to repo

vcmloop # An interval-based looping method. Go to repo

vcmpad # String padding generator with custom Left/Right-Padding style. Go to repo

vascommkit # A free toolkit for your needed. Go to repo

janggelan # Just an unexpected PHP framework. The mission is to make you feeling 'unexpected' while using this framework. Go to repo

martabak # A page system and self-hosted website manager. It's open-sourced, and always will be. Martabak is one of the implementations of Janggelan PHP framework. Go to repo

petis # A JavaScript library that designed for (not only) working with DOM. It comes with lots of ease. Go to repo

lodeh # A free CSS style-sources. Go to repo